NEUROTICC.O.L the band was formed in 2002 by martino, andrea and simone. after few months (during wich different members have successed) the band adopts the name SEVERAL HEAD TRAUMA, finding its musical identity in the new-generation metal and beginning to compose the first songs still deprived of vocal parts, problem solved with the line-up graft of dario.
the followed year is devoted to the composition of songs and lyrics that expressed to the best the musical identity and the thought of the band; thet after exibition in july 2004 and a series of lives in the imperia's province, in may 2005 records the first demo composed by only two pieces.
between august and september 2006 are recorded songs that will be the base for a complete album (bad trip, double face, submission and insecurity among the others).
the realization of the demo is made possible also by the entry in the band of sancho as rythm guitar.
the demos are both recorded in the dario mollo's DAMAGE INC. studios.
today the band has a new rythm guitar (luca) and a new monicker: NEUROTICC.O.L, that represent to the best the mental condition of the band...

Componenti: Martino (basso), Andrea (batteria), Dario (voce), Luca (chitarra), Simone (chitarra)
Provenienza: Firenze (FI - Toscana)
Sito internet:
e-mail: neuroticcol[at]

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